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Doppler Venous Studies

Doppler Venous Studies services offered in Inglewood, CA

Doppler venous studies are ultrasound tests that detect problems like blood vessel blockages and narrowing early, before you experience severe health issues. At Cranford L. Scott MD, Inc, internationally-known internal medicine specialist Cranford Scott, MD, offers Doppler venous studies conveniently in his Inglewood, California, office. Click on the online booking link or call the office to make your appointment now.

Doppler Venous Studies Q&A

What is a Doppler venous study?


A Doppler venous study is a noninvasive imaging test that evaluates blood as it moves through your blood vessels. This type of study specifically evaluates the veins that return the blood to your heart, particularly the large leg and arm veins. 

What problems can a Doppler venous study detect?

A Doppler venous study can detect problems such as:


  • Vein narrowing 
  • Blood clots (deep vein thrombosis)
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Vein blockages


If you’re having symptoms that could indicate any of these issues, Dr. Scott may recommend a Doppler venous study. 

How does a Doppler venous study work?


In a Doppler venous study, a trained sonographer applies a conductive gel to your leg or arm. They glide the transducer a handheld device that emits sound waves over your skin. 


They may need to apply some pressure to detect problems like blood clots accurately, but it’s generally not painful. 


The sound waves pass harmlessly into your body and bounce off your internal organs. These sound waves then translate into a live image of your veins. 


When the sound waves reach moving objects, such as your red blood cells, the pitch changes to show how your blood moves in your veins. This combination of ultrasound methods is a very effective way to determine whether you have vein issues. 


There are no needles or catheters in a Doppler venous study, so it’s completely noninvasive.

A radiologist who specializes in reading imaging studies evaluates your results within a few days, and Dr. Scott also reviews the results. 

What do the results of my Doppler venous study mean?


An ideal Doppler venous study result is one in which there are no signs of vein narrowing, blood clots, or closures. But, if the Doppler venous study detects any of these issues, Dr. Scott can make a diagnosis and explain what it means for your health. 

This type of study can be an early warning sign that you need to make some changes, such as losing weight, eating healthier food, and exercising regularly. Dr. Scott can also help with blood pressure monitoring and other aspects of improving your health. 

If you have deep vein thrombosis or another vein problem, Dr. Scott can prescribe solutions such as support stockings, blood thinners, or clot-busting medications.

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