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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring services offered in Inglewood, CA

Blood pressure monitoring can help you detect harmful health trends so you can prevent hypertension complications like stroke and heart attack. At comprehensive internal medicine practice Cranford L. Scott MD, Inc, exemplary patient-focused physician Cranford Scott, MD, offers blood pressure monitoring to help you stay on track. Call the Inglewood, California, office or book your appointment using online scheduling now.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Q&A

What is blood pressure monitoring?

Blood pressure monitoring means keeping track of your blood pressure regularly at home and at your doctor’s office. At Cranford L. Scott MD, Inc, Dr. Scott recognizes the importance of blood pressure monitoring for your whole-body health. He offers effective solutions for high blood pressure monitoring — the easy way. 

How does blood pressure monitoring work?

Blood pressure monitoring involves using a blood pressure device, like a wrist or arm cuff, to check your blood pressure once or twice a day at home. Useful tips include:


  • Sit still with your back straight and feet flat on the floor (never cross your legs)
  • Don’t exercise, drink caffeinated beverages, or smoke in the half-hour beforehand
  • Sit quietly for about five minutes beforehand
  • Empty your bladder before your blood pressure reading
  • Check your blood pressure at the same time every day
  • Record your results either on paper or in your digital device 


You’ll also have blood pressure monitoring during your checkups at Cranford L. Scott, MD. If you experience a significant blood pressure change, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. When you come in for your appointment, bring your records so Dr. Scott can analyze your blood pressure trends.

When should I worry about my blood pressure monitoring results?

In general, healthy blood pressure is less than 120/80 mmHg. Elevated blood pressure is 120-129/less than 80 mmHg, and high blood pressure is 130/80 mmHg or higher. If you consistently experience elevated or high blood pressure over several days, you may need some help with blood pressure management. 


Dr. Scott can help you make changes, including improved nutrition, an exercise routine, stress reduction techniques, weight loss, and other methods of lowering your blood pressure and achieving better health. 


Untreated high blood pressure can cause heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. Fortunately, regular blood pressure monitoring can help you stay on top of your health and wellness so you need not fear such catastrophic consequences. 


Need help with blood pressure monitoring? Cranford L. Scott MD, Inc, offers comprehensive health support from diverse medical experts. Call the office or click on the online booking link to make your appointment now.