Cranford Scott M.D. is a Board-Certified Internist practicing medicine in  Inglewood, CA for the past 40 years. Dr. Scott specializes in  Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and Cardiovascular Disease. He is a  member of the American Society of Hypertension and Fellow of the  American College of Physicians. During his lifetime he has abided by the  phrase “Knowledge is Power and Wisdom is Freedom”. This wisdom  has allowed him to utilize alternative therapies to treat symptoms that  others might immediately pull out their prescription pad and write  another Rx.  

4 years ago, Dr. Scott had a lower back injury that aggravated the  degeneration between his lumbar discs. He underwent back surgery  and had physical therapy for 6 months. Unfortunately, there was still  lingering pain due to the disc degeneration. Dr. Scott took a step  outside the “normal“protocol of pain management using prescription  drugs and began researching the medicinal use of Cannabis for pain  management. During his research he discovered that there are many  natural occurring compunds within the Cannabis Plant………Not just  “THC”. CBD (Cannabidiol) is found within the plant but has no  psychotropic effects upon its use. There began the journey of seeking  out relief that 1. Did not cause constipation and/or detrimental side  effects throughout the day that would inhibit his ability to treat his  patients with the standard of care that he expects of himself and that  they deserve. 

After using a CBD ointment for a period of 6 months Dr. Scott  immediately noticed relief rubbing it on his lower back. In early 2019 he  explored compounding CBD cream with Lidocaine to give him the  extended pain relief that he desired. Its safe to say that dismissing the 

“negative stereotypes “of cannabis and focusing on its medicinal  attributes has changed his life. Through trial and error Dr. Scott and his  team came up with a formula that not only is odorless but works on the  affected area much longer. The majority of “pain-relief” products  containing Cannabidiol (CBD) that Dr. Scott studied did not have a long lasting effect and had an extraordinarily strong order of menthol.  Patients do not want to walk into a room and announce themselves  with the cloud of menthol. The product he was looking for could not be  found so he decided to create his own product. SPRKLE is the result and  the feedback from his patients confirms his belief in the product.  

 SPRKLE stands for Scotty’s Pain Relief Krema(Cream in Greek) with  LidocainE  



The use of the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes dates back 5,000  years to Chinese Culture. The trade routes established by the Chinese  and Eurasian Empires brought the plant further west.  

There are 33 states that have legalized the use of Cannabis for  medicinal purposes and more and more are using it for medical  purposes.  

More and more physicians are beginning to open their eyes to the  research that has been done on the cannabis plant. The data speaks for  itself and is simultaneously breaking down the barriers that have  existed pinning this plant into the corner of being merely a “street  drug”. CBD benefits are real and with proper  

CBD Dosing for Oils: 

Simply place 1–3 drops directly under the tongue and wait 60–90  seconds before swallowing. This method allows the CBD and other  active ingredients in CBD oil to be absorbed through the mucous  membranes in your mouth. Sublingual absorption also bypasses the  digestive system, allowing the CBD to quickly enter your bloodstream  and begin doing its work with your endocannabinoid system.


Dosing may in fact be the most important factor to consider when  evaluating out how CBD will affect you; however, much of this comes  down to experimentation. Dosing can be tricky, especially when it  comes to vaping or edibles. Your best bet is to start low and build up  gradually. Too little and you might not feel anything; too much and you  may develop mild side effects (although this is rare). 



Using CBD Oil to Reduce High Blood Pressure to Normal 

Evidence postulated in recent studies suggest that CBD oil may be  beneficial in treating some cardiovascular diseases such as  hypertension. The studies show how CBD is a vasodilator which means  it allows a healthy flow of blood in the vessels to normalize blood  pressure. CBD potentially provides neuroprotective effects that protect  the heart against any cardiovascular conditions and even stroke. The  studies also suggest that CBD can create normal heart rhythm after an  ischemic attack and improve heart performance immediately after a  heart attack. Research indicates that the human body's cannabinoid  system produces endocannabinoids which can regulate blood pressure.  CBD also has anxiolytic and analgesic effects which help reduce resting  blood pressure and hypertension connected to stress. A test conducted  on adult males discovered that CBD was able to reduce systolic 

pressure by an average of 5 mmHg before and after stress. It was also  able to reduce it by 6 mmHg during rest. Practicing good health  principles can prevent some of these problems. A proper diet alongside  exercise can maintain the health status your body yearns for. There are  two other ways that CBD may help reduce your blood pressure. 


Eliminating any body inflammation is a common way of preventing high  blood pressure. Over time, a person's lifestyle may cause inward  swelling of arteries' walls which tighten blood's passages. Factors such  as alcohol and drug abuse can increase this inflammation. CBD  vasodilates the passages by relaxing and widening them. However, a  patient still needs to lead a healthy lifestyle while using CBD oil. 

Cardiac Contractility 

Excessive work creates this other form of hypertension characterized by  the heart pumping blood too fast. A neurotransmitter such as anandamide plays a critical role in the functioning of the heart. CBD oil  controls the re-uptake of vital heart neurotransmitters that control the  cardiovascular system. All the studies seem to agree that CBD reduces  high blood pressure. The product, CBD oil, is, therefore, a more natural  remedy for people with cardiovascular related problems which  sometimes lead to death. Remember: hypertension affects one in every  three adults after the age of 70 ninety percent of the adult population  will have hypertension. This illustrates its high prevalence rates in the  world. It lacks any direct cause but by several factors that cumulate  throughout the years. Unhealthy lifestyles are perhaps the leading  cause of high blood pressure, due to unhealthy foods, excess alcohol, 

stress, drugs and smoking. Globally, industrialization and improvement  of living standards have had their fair share in causing hypertension.  People no longer exercise or participate in strenuous tasks that can  unblock blood vessels. The existing medications for hypertension may  potentially have harmful side effects. Organs commonly affected are  the kidneys which must excrete the residual compounds in the meds.  CBD oil provides a more natural solution for dealing with high blood  pressure. However, it should be concurrently used whilst practicing a  healthy lifestyle.